Sasha Velour

Smoke & Mirrors


"Smoke & Mirrors,” Sasha Velour's first one-woman show, is an effortless blend of drag, visual art, and magic. Velour introduces audiences to a whole new side of her artistry, through 12 dazzling and genre-busting lip-synch performances, all directed and choreographed by the queen herself. You’ll be on the edge of your seat as she explodes into rose petals, vanishes in a poof of smoke, saws herself in half, conjures a rainstorm, even transforms into a tree in front of your eyes (to name just a few). But the real magic is the way that these illusions and deceptions serve to unmask deeper truths,  sparking fresh analysis of gender, fame, family, and the importance of dreaming big and living life over-the-top. 

Featuring the music of Annie Lennox, Whitney Houston, Shirley Bassey, Judy Garland, Celine Dion, Sia, Nina Simone, Le Tigre and more. Video created by Sasha Velour. Costumes designed by long-time collaborator Diego Montoya. 

The show toured Australia and New Zealand in January 2019 to rave reviews. It will debut in the U.S. for the first time in March 2019.

NYC Residency:
“Smoke and Mirrors” Residency at New York Live Arts
March 21-23, 26, 28-31, 7:30pm
(219 W. 19th St, NYC)
Ticket link:
$25 Day-of-show Floor Rush tickets available
*Sponsored in part by Lyft

2019/2020 Tour:
“Smoke and Mirrors” is currently scheduling a North American and European tour for 2019/2020. Details coming soon! Sign up for the mailing list to be the first to know.

About Sasha Velour:

Sasha Velour is a gender-fluid drag queen. Velour won season 9 of the Emmy-winning reality TV competition, Rupaul’s Drag Race. She is the creator and director of the acclaimed drag show Nightgowns, which she has produced in theatres in New York, London, and Los Angeles. Velour's live performances have been called “an entirely new level of performance art” (Yahoo) and “heart-wrenching” (Billboard). She has pioneered the use of projection mapping in lip-synch drag performances, and is known for combining emotional pathos with theatrical stunts. In September 2018 she collaborated with Opening Ceremony to produce, direct, and host their Fall Fashion Show, better known as “The Gift of Showz”. She has appeared in Vogue, Vogue Italia, and Plastik Magazine. Her visual art has been the subject of 2 solo gallery shows in New York (2014 and 2016). In 2017 she drew the Google Doodle of Marlene Dietrich. She is also the creative director (and graphic designer) of the art magazine “Velour” (now released in hardcover Collector’s Edition). In December 2018, Velour spoke and performed at The Smithsonian’s The Long Conversation among the world's leading cancer surgeons and NASA scientists, to share how the power of drag can provide optimism for the future. 

Praise for Sasha Velour:

"It’s clear that one of Sasha Velour’s goals is to make her audience feel things they’ve never felt at a drag show before." - Billboard

"[Sasha Velour] brings a surreal modern edge to the classics." - i-D

"Sasha Velour is the gender-bending, queer-space-creating performer of the future." - Seventeen Magazine

"No other queen is exhibiting the potential for an integrated queer future like Sasha Velour." - Time Out NY 

"An absolute sensation." - PopSugar

"Emotionally, politically, and artistically-charged." - OUT on Sasha Velour's Nightgowns

"Brilliant and wildly artistic." - HelloGiggles

“Sasha Velour has prioritized using her own platforms and passionate fanbase to bring visibility to a diverse spectrum of performers.” — People Magazine

"Sasha Velour is the queer royal we deserve." - Teen Vogue

"[Velour's] mission? Defy conservative rule. Her weapon of choice? A potent hybrid of love, compassion, and expression — all in the name of harnessing the beautiful power of drag as social and political activism." - Entertainment Weekly

Photos are courtesy of Sasha Velour (promo imagery by Tanner Abel) and ITD Presents